Eyebrow Tinting  Dover, NH

Eyebrow Tinting

Schedule eyebrow tinting in Dover, New Hampshire

Eyebrow tinting can provide you with full, natural-looking brows. Just a hint of tint will allow you to flaunt your brows with a polished, put-together look. Within minutes, our estheticians can provide you with a flattering tint that will transform your eyebrows from fair and sparse to full and fabulous. Request an appointment online or call (603) 742-1980 to get started.

Eyebrow tinting
Schedule a color service that won’t take any hair away from your brows. We use a semi-permanent vegetable dye to enhance the color, shape, and/or thickness of your eyebrows.

Frequently asked questions

How long does eyebrow tinting take?
Brow tinting can be done in 15-20 minutes. The process is similar to getting your hair dyed.

How long does tinting last for?
Tinting results can vary from person to person, but most people see results that last 3-4 weeks.

Does eyebrow tinting dye the skin?
No, the vegetable dye we use will not dye your skin and the dye is only semi-permanent.

Can I tint my eyebrows after waxing?
Brow tinting and waxing can be done in the same appointment, but we will not wax and then tint. During waxing, hair follicles are inflamed and more likely to develop a rash if you tint afterward.

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Eyelash Tinting  Dover, NH

Eyelash Tinting

Schedule eyelash tinting in Dover, New Hampshire

Eyelash tinting can help give your eyes a darker, fuller, more dramatic appearance. With tinting, lashes are dyed from root to tip and pale or sparse brows are filled in to increase visibility. The professionals at Skin Health Medi-Spa can also give you a lash lift. For all of your eyelash needs, our full service salon has you covered. Request a booking online, stop by our Dover location, or call (603) 742-1980 to set up your appointment.

Eyelash Tinting
Add fullness to your lashes with a quick and easy tint.

Eyelash & Brow Tinting
Want to tint both your lashes and your brow? Schedule both with one appointment.

Frequently asked questions

How long does eyelash tinting take?
Lash tinting is usually a 25-30 minute procedure. The process is similar to getting your hair dyed.

What are the benefits of lash tinting?
If you want to eliminate the need for mascara by darkening each of your lashes, this service is perfect for you. Many people with sparse or blonde lashes and eye makeup sensitivity come in for this convenient solution. Tinting does not bleed or run, making it ideal for athletes and teary-eyed occasions, such as weddings.

How long will the results last?
Lash tints last anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Since eyelashes naturally fall out due to their growth cycle, the duration of your tint will depend, in part, on which part of the growth cycle your lashes are in at the time of your appointment.

How frequently should my lashes be tinted?
We recommend that you tint every 4 weeks, in order to maintain your darkest, fullest look.

Is it painful?
Tinting is virtually painless. We will ensure that the dye doesn’t get into your eyes to avoid irritation and stinging. If you are allergic to color additives or hair dye, we can rely on different methods to bring out fullness in your lashes.

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Eyelash Extensions  Dover, NH

Eyelash Extensions

Schedule eyelash extensions in Dover, New Hampshire

Our licensed estheticians specialize in safe, customized eyelash extensions. The Skin Health Medi-Spa technique is to tailor the perfect design to each individual eye shape. From our medspa and full service salon in Dover, we provide both classic lashes and multi-volume lash extensions using premium synthetic material. This material is curled to imitate a natural lash. These extensions provide a rich, full appearance that eliminates the need for mascara, giving you a no-fuss beauty routine. We also provide fills and extension maintenance services. To get started, give us a call at (603) 742-1980 or fill out our online request form.

Eyelash Extensions

Using a medical grade eyelash adhesive. Eyelash fills are recommended every 2 weeks. $50 deposit required when booking extensions.

A single lash extension is applied to the natural lash. Classic lashes are perfect for adding length and some fullness to your natural lash line.

Provides fullness and texture, while strategically combining classic and volume lash applications across your lash line.

Provides a fuller look by applying more than one extension to each natural lash. Volume extensions create a more textured and full set.

Eyelash Fills
We remove grown out lashes and add new eyelash extensions to all of your regrowth.

Frequently asked questions

How long do eyelash extensions last?
Lash extensions will last through a full growth cycle of your natural lashes, which is typically 6-8 weeks. Light maintenance may be needed every 3-4 weeks to maintain a full look.

Do lash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes?
No, extensions do not ruin your natural lashes. We apply them correctly and safely so that will not impact the health of your natural eyelashes. Make sure to avoid rubbing your eyes or pulling on your extensions, as this can cause lash loss or damage your natural lashes.

Can I wear mascara or other eye makeup with extensions?
Yes, you can wear mascara if it’s water-based or specifically formulated for lash extensions. Oil-based or water-proof mascara can dissolve the bonding agent and shorten the life of your extensions.

Do lash extensions hurt?
When applied safely, eyelash extensions do not hurt. Each lash is intricately placed one at a time on top of your natural lashes. If your extensions do hurt, it could mean that they are too long.

How often should fills be done?
Eyelash fills should be done every 3-4 weeks. Longer wait times may mean it will take longer to fill your lashes, as more lashes will need to be filled.

What factors impact the need for fills?
The number of fills you will need can depend on many different factors. What you do to care for your lashes, how much makeup you use, the kind of products your extensions are exposed to, excessive heat and water, and how you sleep can all impact your eyelash extensions. We will advise you on how to take the best care of your lashes.

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Eyelash Lift & Tint  Dover, NH

Eyelash Lift & Tint

Schedule an eyelash lift in Dover, New Hampshire

If your lashes are short, straight or stubborn, schedule an eyelash lift at our full service salon in Dover. Think of a lash lift as a perm for your eyelashes. It’s a great way to give your lashes the perfect curl. To get started, give us a call at (603) 742-1980 or fill out the request form on our site.

Eyelash Lift
This is a great alternative to eyelash extensions. Add curls to your natural lashes and have them lifted at the base.

Lash Lift & Tint
Time to ditch that lash curler. Lifts natural eyelashes to appear longer and fuller. Lasts 8-12 weeks.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use mascara over my lash lift?
Yes, but you should never use waterproof mascara.

How long do lifts last?
Lifted eyelashes stay curled for 8-12 weeks, especially with the proper care.

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