Skin Care Consultation  Dover, NH

Skin Care Consultation

Schedule your skin care consultation in Dover, New Hampshire

A skin care consultation can help to determine which skin care products and treatments work best for your skin type. At Skin Health Medi-Spa, our professionals can provide you with a full diagnosis of your skin. Do you have dry skin, oily skin, normal skin, or a combination of those? What kind of skin conditions do you suffer from? What are you hoping to correct? By finding the answers to these questions and more, we can help you get younger, healthier-looking skin. To get started, give us a call at (603) 742-1980 or fill out the request form on our site.

Facial Skin Care Consultation

We evaluate the effectiveness of your current home care regimen, make recommendations, and provide suggestions for treatment options for all your skin care concerns.

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IPL PhotoFacial  Dover, NH

IPL PhotoFacial

Schedule IPL PhotoFacials in Dover, New Hampshire

Skin Rejuvenation | IPL Treatments – prices available upon request

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is a skin rejuvenation treatment that delivers a non-invasive light treatment that is customized to your skin concerns. Treats skin redness, brown spots and sun damage. The result is an exceptionally effective skin rejuvenation treatment with minimal discomfort. 1-3 treatments are recommended.

*Ask about our in-depth menu for more info and pricing.

Frequently asked questions

How does IPL work?
Light is used to promote the production of collagen, which helps to fill in wrinkles, fine lines and scars, while also reducing redness and brown spots. The targeted skin tissue is eventually removed by the body through a natural process. Depending on what is treated, the exact wavelength of the light can be adjusted to optimize your results.

What can I expect during the treatments?
During the procedure, intense light from a range of wavelengths is focused on the targeted areas of your skin. The IPL device is gently pressed against the skin, with a smooth, transparent surface emitting the light. You will wear an eye mask to protect your eyes and vision during the procedure. Topical gels may also be applied to prevent overheating of the skin. The entire treatment is very quick, taking about 30 minutes to complete. The exact time length will depend on the specific area that is being treated.

Is there any downtime?
Once the procedure has been completed, you might need to spend a short recovery time at our medspa, but after that you will be able to go home. We just ask that you avoid direct, prolonged sun exposure for 2-5 days following your procedure.

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Corrective Facials  Dover, NH

Corrective Facials

Schedule corrective facials in Dover, New Hampshire

Corrective facials are designed to address specific skin concerns. All of our corrective facials are provided in a relaxing, sanitary environment using medical grade products and equipment. Our licensed estheticians receive continuing education and certifications on all of the cutting edge advanced skin care procedures provided at Skin Health Medi-Spa in Dover, NH. Give us a call at (603) 742-1980 or fill out the request form on our site to get started.


The HydraFacial uses a patented exfoliation system for radiant results! With continued treatments, you can continue to improve fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots and congested skin. This new gold-standard treatment utilizes super-serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration. It also helps to address the signs of aging and protects the skin from environmental damage, leaving it recharged, renewed, and invigorated.

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HydraFacial Eye Perk
Brighten, tone & firm the outer eye while improving skin hydration.

HydraFacial Lip Perk
Lightly plumps lips while gently exfoliating and hydrating.

Microneedling is an anti-aging procedure that helps with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks. This minimally invasive treatment works on all skin types. Ask about our package options!

Dermaplaning Facial
The Dermaplaning Facial is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). This procedure has been around for many years and is quick with few to no adverse effects. Removing the epidermal skin allows products to penetrate more readily into the deeper layers.

Fast, effective, save removal of skin imperfections such as skin tags, age spots, milia, warts, cherry anginomas, & more.

Back “Facial” Treatment
This treatment is geared to your back’s specific needs: hydration, detoxification, or relaxation. All back treatments include cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, and mask for the back.

Specialty Facial Add-Ons

  • Hydrating Ultrasound
  • Microderm Spot Treatment
  • Dermaplane
  • Chemical Peel
  • Eye / Lip Treatments
  • High Frequency
  • Neck Lift Mask

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Chemical Peels  Dover, NH

Chemical Peels

Schedule chemical peels in Dover, New Hampshire

Located in Dover, Skin Health Medi-Spa provides both custom and SkinCeuticals chemical peels. Peels can help you achieve radiant, more youthful skin! To get started, give us a call at (603) 742-1980 or fill out the request form on our site.

SkinCeuticals Custom Peels

The SkinCeuticals chemical peel can improve your skin texture, help to maintain firm skin, diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even-out skin tone, help acne-prone skin, and revitalize sensitive skin while unclogging your pores. We customize peels for each client using SkinCeuticals.

Frequently asked questions

What are chemical peels?
Chemical peels are used to smooth and improve the skin’s texture. They are highly powerful and may incorporate several corrective strategies into one treatment. For the most part, chemical peels are used to address skin conditions and imperfections on the face and neck.

How do chemical peels work?
During a chemical peel, a chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes it to exfoliate and peel off old, rough skin. New skin regenerates and is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The procedure may cause some stinging, redness, irritation, and crusting. These signs and symptoms lessen as the new skin begins to take form.

What can I expect from the results?
We provide light-to-medium depth peels with little-to-no downtime. You will need to protect your skin following treatment by avoiding sunlight. In most cases, you will receive a series of treatments to produce the results you desire. Recovery time between peels is very important.

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Spa Facials  Dover, NH

Spa Facials

Spa facials in Dover, New Hampshire

Spa facials are designed to deeply cleanse, hydrate, and rejuvenate your skin. Each spa facial experience begins with an aesthetic evaluation of your skin’s condition. Then a spa facial treatment is customized for your skin’s specific needs. Schedule today at Skin Health Medi-Spa in Dover, NH by either calling (603) 742-1980 or by filling out the request form on our site.

Clinical Facial Treatment

Clinical facials incorporate the use of powerful exfoliants such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids and enzymes. Double cleanse, skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, modified massage, and mask are included.

Introduction Gentleman’s Facial
Customized for his specific skin needs. The skin is cleansed and exfoliants are used to lift the hair follicles and to help prevent ingrown hairs. Modified massage.

Clinical Teen Facial
Incorporating the use of power exfoliants, this facial is geared toward teens with skin that may need more detoxification and extraction work. Double cleanse, analysis, exfoliation, extractions, and mask are included.

Oxygen Facial
Our specialized clinical with an added stream of pressurized oxygen spraying atomized moisturizers into the skin and customized mask under an oxygen dome, leaving the skin plumped healed & hydrated.

Vitamin C Ultrasound Facial
The Vitamin C Ultrasound Facial is a wonderful facial for all skin types. The soothing, relaxing, and hydrating ultrasound waves help to penetrate and infuse the healthy Vitamin C Serum, leaving your skin ultra-hydrated and glowing.

Express Facial
The Express Facial is perfect for those who need a little pick me up. If you don’t have time for a full facial but you have an emergency before an event, we’ve got you covered. This is also ideal as a quick cleaning between facials or as a minor fix. Clear up your skin and get a radiant glow!

Specialty Facial Add-Ons

  • Hydrating Ultrasound
  • Microderm Spot Treatment
  • Dermaplane
  • Chemical Peel
  • Eye / Lip Treatments
  • High Frequency
  • Neck Lift Mask

Are you looking for a corrective facial to address specific skin concerns, check out our corrective spa facial treatments.

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Body Treatments  Dover, NH

Body Treatments

Body Treatments in Dover, New Hampshire

Our body treatments are designed to exfoliate and hydrate the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Think of these services as a facial for your body! Check out the polish treatments offered at Skin Health Medi-Spa in Dover, NH below. To request an appointment online, fill out the schedule form on our site. To schedule over the phone, give us a call at (603) 742-1980.

Body Polish & Vichy Shower

Slough off those dull skin cells and improve your circulation with our smoothing body polish treatment. We will polish your skin and rinse you off in our chakra aligned Vichy shower, and conclude with a light massage using only the finest body moisturizers. (45 min)

Body Polish with Customized Mask & Vichy Shower
We begin by removing the dull surface skin cells with our specialized aromatherapy body polish. After a relaxing rinse in our Vichy shower, we will customize a detoxifying body mud mask or a hydrating gel pack which we then apply from head to toe. After a second rinse, we finish with a light massage application using our finely blended body creams leaving your skin feeling silky soft, and ultra smooth. (1 hr)

Body Polish with Detoxifying Steam
Begin with a full body exfoliation and follow with a rinse from our Vichy shower. Next enjoy ten minutes relaxing in our steam tent. Conclude this treatment with a light massage with one of our finely blended body moisturizers. (1 hr)

Massage with Detoxifying Steam – price available upon request
After relaxing in our steam tent, get a light massage with one of our finely blended body moisturizers.

Body by Spa – The Works
This body treatment will leave you feeling and looking relaxed, revitalized, and renewed. Lie on our state-of-the-art Aemotio spa water treatment bed, and receive an exfoliating body scrub, a customized body mask, and ten minutes under our steam tent while you receive a relaxing facial and scalp massage. Rinse under our chakra-aligned vichy shower, and finish with a light relaxation massage using a blend of hydrating moisturizers and stress relieving oils. (1 hr & 30 min)

Our Aemotio Water Treatment Table
Enjoy one of our customized spa body treatments in our state-of-the-art Aemotio spa water therapy bed. With chakra aligned Vichy shower, Bolero water massage, and tranquil chromotherapy lighting, this Italian designed bed is the first of its kind in the United States.

Therapeutic water and light stream together immerse the senses, drowning daily chaos with moments of unforgettable relaxation, and intense pleasure; an exclusive esthetic experience shared by both the body and the mind.

If you would like to add on a 30-minute full body massage with one of our therapists, please let us know while you are booking your appointment.

The unique CoolSculpting® fat-freezing technology is a nonsurgical, scientifically proven way to reduce pockets of fat in trouble spots such as, but not limited to: the abdomen, flanks, or under the chin.

The EMSCULPT technology helps both women and men build muscle and sculpt their body. In addition, the EMSCULPT creates the world’s first non-invasive buttock toning procedure. Emsculpt can help tone abdomen, glutes, thighs, biceps & triceps.

This unique technology revolutionizes both men and women’s intimate health and wellness by providing those suffering from incontinence and/or sexual function with a completely non-invasive option.

Frequently asked questions

What is body polishing?

The aim of body polishing is to remove the outermost layer of dead skin cells through exfoliation. A body polish can be done with any number of exfoliants, but sugar and sea salt are the most common. Sugar is more gentle while sea salt is more abrasive. If you have sensitive skin, a sugar-based body polish will probably work best for you. No matter the exfoliant, it will be mixed with massage oil to hold it together. Essential oils or yummy foods can be used to make your experience therapeutic and smell wonderful.

What can I expect during a body polish?
Body polish treatments usually take place in a wet room, with a tiled floor and a drain. You will be given disposable underwear and a towel to cover yourself as you lie face-down on a table. Some of our treatments include a Vichy shower overhead, so you won’t have to shower off the scrub. During the polish, we will rub the exfoliant on the backs of your legs and feet, the backs of your arms, and your back. Then you will turn over so we can scrub your other side.

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Microdermabrasion  Dover, NH


Schedule microdermabrasion in Dover, New Hampshire

Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical procedure that exfoliates the skin. Fine crystals and a controlled vacuum device are used to polish diminished pores, scars and fine lines. This procedure can rejuvenate and improve the overall texture of your skin.

Using fine crystals, the skin’s outermost layer is polished diminishing pores, fine lines and scars. A series of 6 or 10 microdermabrasion treatments is recommended, depending on your goals.

Frequently asked questions

How does microdermabrasion work?
During your appointment, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and toned. This is followed up with a smooth stream of aluminum oxide crystals, which are poured over the targeted sections of your face. The crystals lightly polish away old, dead skin cells, and the vacuum picks them up with gentle suction. Microdermabrasion also encourages the development of new skin cells by stimulating fibroblasts. Fibroblasts are the cells within your tissue that alert the body to produce collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are what keep your skin smooth and elastic.

What can I expect from the results?
After your treatment, you will see an immediate difference in the overall look and feel of your skin. For optimal results, we recommend that you come in for multiple treatments over the course of several weeks.

How many treatments are needed?
The exact number of treatments will depend on the condition of your skin. On average, patients can expect 6-10 treatments.

Is it safe?
Yes, and it is a very common procedure. You may experience redness or discomfort, similar to a sunburn. But following your treatment, a soothing, calming mask is applied to reduce sensitivity.

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Microneedling  Dover, NH


Schedule microneedling in Dover, New Hampshire

Microneedling is an anti-aging procedure that helps with fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. This minimally invasive treatment works on all skin types. Ask about our package options!

Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, scars and/or stretch marks on either your full face or your face and neck.

Virtue RF Microneedling
The use of radiofrequency combined with microneedling is a noninvasive way to improve skin by creating a fuller, lifted look. Best results when done in a series – Ask about our package deals!

Frequently asked questions

How does microneedling work?
Mirconeedling devices are covered with tiny, shallow needles that essential poke little holes in the surface of the skin. These holes are actually therapeutic, and by creating these ‘micro injuries,’ the skin is prompted to stimulate collagen production. Collagen helps to fill in fine lines and plump up the skin, giving you a more youthful look.

How long does it take to see results?
2-3 days after your appointment, the treated area(s) will begin to see an increase in collagen production. Your results, however, will be noticeable around the 4-week mark. Microneedling is considered a long-lasting procedure and new collagen can last for several years.

How often can I come in for a treatment?
The procedure can be safely repeated every 4-6 weeks until you achieve your desired results. For collagen induction, we recommend that you start with 3 treatments, with a minimum separation time of 4-6 weeks between treatments. For scars, usually 3-6 treatments are recommended.

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Lamprobe Procedure  Dover, NH

Lamprobe Procedure

Schedule a Lamprobe procedure in Dover, New Hampshire

The Lamprobe procedure is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses a small probe-like needles to quickly and efficiently treat multiple skin conditions. These conditions include (cholesterol deposits, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, fibromas, cherry angiomas, and more. During treatment, our professionals use the Lamprobe to seal off blood flow to the treatment area.

As heat is emitted from the Lamprobe, blood is drawn towards it. The heat vaporizes the skin cells in the treated area, instantly killing them and ensuring that they do not return. The dead cells will then peel off, leaving healthier new skin with no scarring. Within one week, you should notice a positive change in your appearance. If you live in New Hampshire and you’re wondering how Lamprobe can help you, schedule a consultation at Skin Health Medi-Spa today. You can schedule over the phone at (603) 742-1980 or you can fill out the form on our website.

Lamprobe procedure
We can treat cholesterol deposits, sebaceous hyperplasia, skin tags, fibromas, cherry angiomas, and many other skin conditions with the Lambprobe. Ask your therapist if Lambprobe would be a good option for you.

Frequently asked questions

Am I a candidate?
Yes, men and women of all ages and skin types can benefit from this procedure.

Where is the procedure performed?
Lamprobe treatments can be performed at our medspa in Dover, New Hampshire.

How long do treatments last?
It takes 5 seconds, per shot, to perform the procedure. Repeat treatments may be necessary.

How long is the recovery time?
You should be able to return to your normal routine within 24 hours.

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